Lunavation AB

Lunavation AB is an IPR holding company started by researchers at Linköping University and Umeå University in Sweden to facilitate the commercialization of research results. This company manages the IPR and relationships between the research groups and Lunavation's subsidiaries.


Light-emitting devices

Polymer light-emitting electrochemical cells, also known as LECs or LEECs, are a printable, inexpensive light-emitting device for displays and lighting applications. Through basic research and theoretical and experimental analysis, we have dramatically improved the energy efficiency and lifetime of LECs, as well as demonstrated the unique physics and chemistry behind their operation. We have also introduced new device concepts, such as the graphene- and polymer-based metal-free LEC.

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Microfluidic and electroosmotic components

Low-voltage electroosmotic pumps for textiles are slated to revolutionize what you think fabric can do. Our systems are designed for reliability, inexpensive manufacture, and simple operation. For example, our pumps provide steady flow without moving parts or external pressure sources.

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